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Thread: Center -X for Benchrest ?

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    Does anyone use Lapua Center X in BR ?

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    Yes it does get used in Benchrest. You don't see it at the highest level of competition which is still dominated by Eley. But with that said at the price point it's marketed at equivalent guessing would be Eley Edge and I've not seen anyone using it in my small footprint of participation.
    We have one guy at our club who's done some testing between Eley Blackbox and Center-X and overall per his comment the other day the Blackbox is better. Some have had good success using it in the past, we had a local guy who did real well with it in years past but is now retired from the game. A few of the record ARA 2500's were shot with it so it can perform.
    It's used a lot by the ABRA guys for their semiauto's and again I've seen some pretty good targets shot.
    We had one of our members shooting it in his 40X Myers Custom, ARA and IR50/50 and also put up some good scores last year.
    One thing that was noticed last year that when we shot some of our matches in cooler temperatures the performance of it dropped off compared to us who were shooting Eley.
    Les Williams

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    My previous benchrest rifle a Walther KKM match and current my Anschutz 2013 both shoot exceptionally well with Centre X and know a few shooters that like what the results are for the price point. Nothing wrong with any of Lapuas offerings just what your rifle likes.

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    This past weekend at the ARA Nationals held at St Louis Bench Rest club there were 100 shooters on the line. I suspect about 40 or so were shooting some type of Lapua either Center X (I saw many boxes) and/or Midas + including those finishing 1st and 2nd so yes Lapua is coming on strong. Last year at the Nationals you could count Lapua shooters on one hand. bob

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    I shot Center X this past Friday in a match in Boerne Texas, first time in my 2500 X action with a Benchmark two groove barrel, I won the match 6 cards with an agg. of 2400, shot my first 2500, and two 2450 so I would say that the Lapua ammo. is very competitive.

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