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Thread: Scope mounting - rifle shoots low

  1. Default Scope mounting - rifle shoots low

    Had a new stock put on one of my rifles. Pippen straight line, replaced davidson
    bases with kelby's bases and rings. Scope 45x leupold. Out of adjustment and still
    3" low at 50 yards. Anyone run into this problem?

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    Look at burris signature rings with inserts. I had to use a set to get a leupold 6.5x20 shooting right. three inches seems extreme, reverse front and rear mount first . You can use plastic shim on bottom of back ring to help, cut shim from soda bottle. Good luck I hope you dont have a bedding problem

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    new front base not hard against action because the screws are too long maybe?

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    Talked to kelby this morning, he thinks i may have a 20 moa base. Will check the bases
    tonight. Screws did not seem too long, went down easy and tightend up as usual.
    I have used Burris rings before still have several rifles with them on them. If that is the way I go, I will have to have a set of bases for weaver style rings. Which I don't have and don't know which ones will fit a Myers action. Same as a Remington front base??

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    I have a set of KSS bases from Killough with a set of Harrells scope rings on my Myers with a Leupold 45X on it with no problems. I know Dans web site says what the bases fit but cant remember off the top of my head what they were.

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    I just had to do the same thing on my 10X III action to resolve a windage problem. You need two of the #35 front bases for a 700. I bet Kelby is right, just messure the thickness of you bases and you will know if they are tapered.

    Good luck Paul

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