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    Hello, everyone. Well. I finally got a dozen buffalo silhouettts cut out. I made them large enough for irons at extended range. 1/4" hot-rolled steel. From boss to rump...
    6 5/8", from hoof to top of hump 4 1/4". The long-time plan I had in mind was to set these critters out somewhere between 100 & some oddball and unknown range, & set them in various positions, including angled away & facing..just like you would have found the shaggies on the plains 140 some odd years ago! X sticks can be used. Simple rules..try and knock as many any order before time limit is up! Rifle restrictions can be as strict as the new rimfire hammer & no hook buttplates..or shoot what ya bring! I like the latter..why turn away folks just because they don't have a legal BPCR rifle ( not too many folks do). different classes could be set up for optics or irons if wanted.
    If this new take on the old timey shootin gallery doesn't bring the kiddies..and adults in..I don't know what would.
    I have drilled targets for hanging..but a base could be welded on later for knockdown.
    What do you guys think?
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    Default Long Range 22 Silhouettes

    Similar situation here:

    Hitting the target with a 22 long rifle is a challenge at 150 or 200 yards.


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    Sounds cool--hey, are you selling any of 'em?

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    Reactive targets are always fun to shoot, and it only gets better at long range when the shooter is challenged to make the shot. Good idea!

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    We shoot 1/5 scale animals as follows:

    Old Friends Fifth-Scale Rimfire Rifle Silhouette

    The match is shot from a bench by a relay of 4 shooters at a time, one for each swinging animal. The distances are:

    Chicken 100 yards
    Pig 125 yards
    Turkey 150 yards
    Ram 175 yards

    The rifle requirement is any safe 22 RF firing Long Rifle ammo with any sights.

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    How much for the Mini Buffalo targets

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