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Thread: My personal observations of the Pappas Noodle

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    Default My personal observations of the Pappas Noodle

    I've been shooting with my Noodle for around 2.5 years now and have some interesting observations that I have theories about but do not have much other input to find the answers.
    I have two rifles. A Turbo and 40X. Both have 26" barrels. I have 2 Scott group tighteners on each. I also shoot both with separate Pappas Noodles. The Turbo likes the thin washer and the 40X likes the thick washer. Both sliding portions are flush with the muzzle end of the Noodle. I have no idea why the rifles differ in the thickness of the washer. My mind tells me that they shouldn't need the washer since tight connections (that do not move) would be best. Any input?
    I've found the the rifles shoot best with the Noodle being pristine clean. I mean pristine. Weight doesn't matter in this as a dirty to a clean Noodle is less than a 1/10 of a grain.
    What are your observations? What are your ideas?

    John M. Carper

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    john, my guess is that each set-up moved the node of that particular rifle close to, or at the crown.

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    john one other thing about these noodles and slides, I believe they trick a barrel into acting as if they have been indexed to the 6oc position.. some folks think you index to make the smallest group. i believe you index to cause the barrel to cycle as close to vertical. I think some of the rotation we see is a result of where the barrel is indexed. these noodles move the node and act as if the barrel is at the 6oc bore curve.

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