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    What happened to Benchmark barrels? A few years ago they were the hottest thing going, some really great scores shot with them, and now no one even talks about them.

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    They are too busy winning matches to talk. At least 8 of the top 25 on the IR 50 "list" are shooting Benchmark barrels

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    matt mendola a junior shooter from new york is shootin a 2 groover smithed by putzbach thats 3 weeks old and is winnin matches with it ,shootin blue box

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    My custom rifle has a two-groove Benchmark, and I love it. My impression is that the Benchmark people keep a low profile and mostly fly under the popular radar. They don't have a fancy web site, and I've never even seen much advertising from them. They make a fabulous product, but you never hear much from them. I suppose it's just a different business approach on their part. Essentially, their products speak for themselves.


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