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Thread: Bill Calfee Tuner Update

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    Since you did not mention names, neither will I.

    Yes, tuners are becoming more popular in centerfire benchrest. The debate now is more about weight and where do you place that weight.

    By the by, hope Bill doesn't stop too quickly.

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    I appreciate the posts and the contributions. But we don't need to make reference to old ghosts as some people find them offensive and it is the same as calling someone a name. I edited (barely) your posts because of an e-mail I received.


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    Man, that's one of those big long nasty threads, but yes, I remember those same guys pooh-poohing tuners a few years ago. I have a question, has anyone tried a Beggs tuner on a rimfire? The way Gene tells it, his tuner only requires 1/4 turn and you're a few sighters, if you got verticle, turn 1/4 and a few more sighters, most you'd have to do is three 1/4 turns. Thanks, Douglas

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    I' m glad NASA doesn't use "herd mentality" for proof of anything, lol.

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