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    Thumbs up Sport Optics

    Hopefully Jerry is good with this for I had a recent experience purchasing a scope that I wanted to pass on.
    I've been in the market to buy a new scope and had decided to go all out and buy a Night Force. Doesn't seem like there's ever any negative reviews, at least I've found.
    I wanted the traditional cross hair and dot reticle and decided to go with the Fix 42X Competition.
    So got to looking around and came across a outfit called Sport Optics. Gave them a call, talked to Sean in the sales department and asked him, so what's the best price you can give me.
    It was listed on there website for $1742
    Out the door shipped I got it for $1567 Maybe others could met this price but I figured I'd just go for it.
    I almost went for the Nightforce Competition 15-55x52 CTR-2 - Demo for $2069 shipped. Now that was there website price so who knows if they'd come down any if you got to working on them Stated perfect condition and returnable if not happy.
    Never done business with these guys before, but wanted to pass this on for they very well could have some of the best prices out there.
    Once I get the scope I'll update to let you know how it arrived, all in one piece I hope.

    Les Williams

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    I have bought scopes from them. They are a good outfit.

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    You ended up with the better optic.
    Read the long test thread by Alex Wheeler on the 6mmBR site. Lots of test reports on POI shift on many scopes.

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