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Thread: 2017 ABRA Remaing Matches

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    2017 Remaining ABRA Matches.
    I just wanted to let everyone know which States still have matches between now and the end of the year.
    If any of you are in these areas stop by and check out the game.
    October 21 2017 Louisiana State Tournament
    October 28 2017 San Angelo Texas Club Match
    October 28 2017 Oak Ridge Tennessee Club Match
    October 29 2017 Boerne Texas Club Match
    November 12 2017 Black Swamp Ohio Club Match
    November 4 2017 Boerne Texas State Tournament
    November 19 2017 Elbert County Georgia Club Match.
    To see Range Information, and times visit us at
    abra info and schedule.
    Joe N Lisa Chacon
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