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Thread: martys targets

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    so this is lot 1946 center x, don't need to be a rocket scientist to now it's a matter of slowing things down with a 1.4oz lite noodle. notice the light bloops were close

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    pretty easy when you look at above iron sights that 1073 was the better of the 2 lots.
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    and that eley 1070 is slightly better than 1073.

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    Albert, I apologize if I hijacked your thread, my belief this all ties into the analyzer and general selection of ammo.
    want to make this perfectly clear a heavier straight .875 thru .910 barrel measuring 24.750 is slow compared to a .825 measuring 24.750 as a result those barrels are pulled to a different shape{heavier slightly left} lighter {slightly right} when our average fps ammo exits the muzzle. we often here that this ammo doesn't shoot well in the wind, reason is not that theirs yaw the reason is how left or right the group forms. lapua seems to have their seating depth down pat, eley seems to be struggling. if it was me and for whatever reason I wanted to stay with eley and I had a .875 or larger barrel look for groups forming slightly left. for me lapua center x takes a few minutes to tune any lot. I have no desire to travel and shoot in matches so I'm pretty happy shooting good scores with center x. marty

    ps; wally's silence on group forming say's it
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    so why did I do this? look at the date, eley was having a problem dating to the spring of 2014 many of these lots had seating depth variation exceeding .020 and some I had problems getting out of the box blamed on crimping. I sent eley an email on my worries concerning machine #2-3 and 5. marty

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    so if you read what Albert and some say shooting 50 rounds or so you get a good reading. THAT"S total poppycock or gooblygook. on those iron sights they would have all filled in to make a nice 15mm or so group. each lot 3016 and 2177 along with 5101 and many others would get you a 2000 on a ara if your lucky. it's not how small the group is, it's how it forms as we only shoot 1 round at a target. eley thought every one of those shot well enough to be black box and that would be ok IF WE Weren't USING A TUNER!!!!I COULD SHOOT 200_20X"S ALL DAY LONG WITHOUT A TUNER...marty
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    get the forced deformation taken care of. {seating depth, peak pressure} and the shooters are pretty good at figuring the timing issues down....marty

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