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Thread: what the hell is clyde may's doin in your collection?

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    Jefferson's and Jefferson's ocean. ocean is aged 8 to 10 years then placed on a ship, crosses the equator 4 times. is it worth the $80 a bottle? it's unique.

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    double oak has gotten some good reviews, Colville I imagine was produced by Heaven hill.

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    straight edge, extremely rare blended 5-6-7 yr. bourbon then aged 4 to 6 months in cabernet casks.

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    old grand-dad and leftovers, at 114 proof this will get your attention. old grand-dad has a cult like following.

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    old grand-dad bottled in bond high rye. bonded mean a minimum 4 years aged and supervised by the feds. high rye different pepper tastes.

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    who would think a bourbon distillery and bottle operation in Utah? this has a fairly high rating.

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    1792 small batch in honor of Kentucky becoming a state. by far the nicest bottle.

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