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Thread: ABRA Boerne Match Results 07 22 2017

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    We found out last night that our range defiantly has different conditions with the changes that are being made to our berms.

    Last time I saw the wind flags going in that many different directions we were shooting at the San Angelo Gun Range.

    The race was on last night for 1st Place between Joe Chacon and Les Williams
    There was only 1 point separating Joe and Les it came down to the last card.
    Joe pulled off the 1st place win by a total of 2 points.
    Congratulations Joe:

    One the 1st card there were 3 197, and a 196 shot, the 196 card was so close that it had to be plugged to determine if it was in or out.

    Unlimited Class:

    1. Joe Chacon High Card 1-197 Card 2-195 and High Card 3-197
    2. Les Williams Card 1-197 Card 2-194 Card 3-196
    3. Lisa Chacon Card 1-197 Card 2-193 Card 3 193
    4. Terry Paradee Card 1-192 High Card 2-195 Card 3-194
    5. Luke Restivo Card 1-196 Card 2-191 Card 3-193

    David Russell shot in the Factory Class as well as the Unlimited
    Factory Class;
    1. David Russell Card 1-180 Card 2- 176 Card 3-172

    Derek Biggs and his family came out to join us in Boerne.
    He ended up with a 193 agg including points.
    Way to go Derek.
    Youth Unlimited:
    Derek Biggs Card1-191 Card 2-187 Card 3-186
    Congratulations to all, there were some great cards shot last night.

    Donít forget that ABRA San Angelo will be hosting their club tournament next:
    Saturday 07/29/2017
    6 Card Match
    Starts at 10:00 AM
    Get a hold of Ron Herring so that he can plan for food.

    Look forward to seeing everyone there.


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    I dug deep but couldn't keep up with Joe, congratulations on your win. I was a little surprised with the scores and the conditions as they were. With all the new berm work in progress and the odd wind patterns I really didn't think we'd shoot that good. May be something with the new ammo lots we've gotten in for it those seem to shoot through some pretty rough conditions. We may get a chance to continue testing it for we're all heading to San Angelo this coming weekend and those West Texas Winds. But the weather forecast is calling for 8 mph winds so we may get a break and put up some more big scores.
    Les Williams

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