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    Wow, I see this is a seldom used thread but thought others on here might like to see what we've been doing here in Eastern Ohio. There are three of us putting on longrange rimfire matches from 25 yards out thru 200 yards and one is from 50 yards out thru 350 yards. Swinging steel plates on racks of varying sizes and shapes.

    I limit what can be used at my matches, no fancy benchrest type front or rear rests. Bi-pods and bags are used except if you are shooting a pistol then I'll let you use a rear monopod. No tuners or bloop tubes and ammo max limit of $8.00/50. The other two ranges have no restrictions.

    My range:



    Another match is in the books, this was a record turnout for one of my matches with 37 entries. One shooter entered all three days and a few entered twice. With different conditions each day it was interesting to see how they did.

    I rearranged the target racks and think I accomplished what I have been trying since we started. This match let shooters hit a lot of challenging targets and had a few smaller higher value targets that let the top shooters separate themselves by a few points.

    The lead changed hands a few times as the weekend progressed, I try not to let anyone see the score sheets till they are done shooting but I slipped a couple times with a hint of what someone shot on a specific rack. Word spreads on scores but shoot your best and let the score fall where it may.

    I get as much enjoyment watching the shooters skills improve since we started as I do shooting the matches, most are getting it figured out what equipment is needed to be reliable and do what is needed to shoot the various distances. A couple years ago many of them thought it was impossible to hit such small targets at these distances with a 22 rimfire.

    We had a few new shooters this match and they did very well, it wasn't their first rodeo by a long shot. But does go to show with the right equipment (which doesn't have to be expensive) and some settings that nearly all of us will help with when needed it's pretty easy to shoot the long range targets pretty darn good.

    I limit my ammo costs and equipment (rests) to keep it from being an equipment race. Any gun/scope is allowed. There were quite a few discussions about the $5.00 thru $8.00 ammo having occasional shots just dropping low for no apparent reason. I had four with my pistol and watched quite a few others getting center hits then have one drop clean under a target.

    I'm convinced it's the ammo, these shooters are seasoned competitors that also shoot our local 1000 yard matches. It would be interesting to take the time to weigh, check rim thickness and whatever else we can think of, shoot them over a chrono the same time as shooting at a distant target and see where it impacts on a perfect shooting day. Be a lot of work and lots of cross referencing to keep track of every shot and how it was sorted but might be interesting. I know, just buy better ammo but I've seen too many shooting and other competitive sports spoiled by equipment races and losing the mid to lower level participants just to keep a few happy.

    I do have a video of Bonnie Callipare shooting the final stage of the match.This is where I have a cut off section of an Oxygen cylinder at 195 yards, the shooter had to get lined up on it and ready to shoot. When they were ready I hit the buzzer and dropped a shield in front of their scope to block their view of the target. They had to wait 10 seconds until the buzzer sounded again to fire. They got 4 shots at the cylinder then their final shot could be at a clay pigeon on a rack beside the cylinder. Some viewed it as a trick type shot but it was to show how properly setting up for each shot is important. Everyone did quite well on this stage and surprised themselves with some really tight groups on the cylinder. A lot of them were under 2 inches for 4 shots.

    I always try to shoot something different at the matches and shot my Anschutz Exemplar Pistol and my Rem 40-X with peep sights I got the day before the match and had no sight settings. It just happened to use the same click value settings as the Exemplar pistol settings in Strelok for the Refield Olympic peep sights. LOL, there were a lot of those small targets I could not even see thru the peeps and sometimes there might be a whole rack showing thru the aperture but I sure learned a 40-X will shoot. Unless you have young eyes definately a scope is needed but I wanted to see how good a peep sighted gun might do and it totally amazed me. If you can see a target thru the peeps it's not safe, the amount of first round center hits was unbelievable. It wasn't me so it had to be the gun, can't wait to see how it'll do with a scope on it.

    The matches don't have to be about winning but having fun and learning something each time you squeeze the trigger on whatever gun you are using. Fun to kid around with your buddies and strive for personal improvement but keeping the fun aspect and social part of the matches is what it's really about as you're learning. Keeping your eyes and ears open as to what others are doing and what works can really speed up your learning curve.

    OK, the match winner will receive their entry fee back and a box of Wolf MT, high lady will get a box of Wolf MT. If you entered more than once your name goes in for each entry. The winner of the brick of Wolf MT was Jim Lochary but I hear he found out the high end stuff shoots so much better maybe he'll let me keep this junk stuff instead of cluttering up his ammo shelf.

    Results: if they entered more than once it'll be marked as such #2 or #3

    Score Name Gun Scope Ammo

    263* Chris Kirkpatrick #2 Win 52-C SWFA 16X Wolf MT
    258 Dale Taylor #2 Anschutz 1710 Leupold SK std.
    256 Keith Baker #2 CZ Vortex SK
    256 Chris Kirkpatrick Win 52-C SWFA 16X Wolf MT
    255 Dale Taylor Anschutz 1710 Leupold SK rifle

    252 Keith Baker CZ Vortex SK
    252 Mike Moore #3 Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT
    249 Mike Moore Vostok Ural Bushnell Wolf MT
    242 Jim Lochary #2 Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
    242 Dave Pritz H&R 12 SWFA Norma tac-22

    233 Dennis Kirkpatrick Anschutz Exemplar Pistol SWFA 16X Wolf MT
    232 John Schumacher Anschutz MPR SWFA Wolf MT
    227* Jim Lochary Anschutz MPR Vortex Wolf MT
    225 Tim Humphrey H&R 12 SWFA Norma tac-22
    225 Tim Humphrey #2 H&R 12 SWFA Norma tac-22

    219 Schawn Lutty CZ 452 SWFA 16X Wolf MT
    218 Mike Moore Anschutz Bushnell Wolf MT
    217 Dan PIatt Win 75 SWFA Wolf MT
    215 Bill Nesbitt Ruger 10-22 Mueller Wolf MT
    213* Bonnie Callipare #2 Kidd 10-22 SWFA Wolf MT (High Lady)

    210 Bonnie Callipare Kidd 10-22 SWFA Wolf MT
    207 Dave Callipare Kidd 10-22 SWFA Wolf MT
    206 Ted Kernik #2 Ruger 10-22 Mueller Wolf MT
    205 Ted Kernik CZ ? Wolf MT
    202 Butch McCort Anschutz 1416 SWFA 3-15 CCI sv

    198 Kuda CZ 452 Nikon Fed automatch
    197 Gail Ruminski Sako Quad SWFA CCI sv
    191 Terry Deuvall CV 455 Vortex CCI sv
    190 Dave Callipare Kidd 10-22 SWFA Wolf MT
    188 Dennis Kirkpatrick 40-X Peep Sights Wolf MT

    184 Dave Ruminski Sako Quad SWFA CCI sv
    183 Rube Perkins Kidd 10-22 Leupold Wolf MT
    173 Gary Habig 10-22 Leupold Win HP
    170 Karen Marsh CZ Ultra Lux SWFA CCI sv
    169 Glenn Schnegg 40-X March Wolf MT

    165 Mic Humphrey Savage Vortex Wolf MT
    DNF Eye problem John Taylor Rem 511 SWFA CCI sv
    Hope everyone had fun. Might try to do it again in September and will post ahead of time if I do.

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