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    He was the first and at the time the only guy I'd ever slept with so I was a bit emotional about the whole situation, we'd only been broken up for maybe a fortnight at the time? To preface this, I've lived in the UK all old mature women my life, I'm 22 at the moment and have only slept with four guys, three being boyfriends, one of whom I'm currently with and the fourth guy being the subject of this story.

    I woke up a while later and heard people coming into the tent and panicked ...
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    I wrote this in an attempt of roleplay on /r/dirtypenpals, but I wrote so much, it wasnt roleplay anymore, but the redditer suggested finishing the tamara ftv girls ( story and posting it here. I start off with her prompt in Italics. I made it a quicky because its a try-out, but Id be up for more. ftv photos I was foolish to think I could break into the Temple of ftv girls Eros ...